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I'm Free for Collabs!

2017-05-21 12:07:24 by Jupitrean

I'm free for collabs! (READ THE TITLE)

Here are the rules/info:


2. You will create the melody and base of the song, I will touch up the peice and add some effects

3. I really don't care who gets the song on their account, I already have way too much

4. You will send me the Fruity Loops project file either through Newgrounds mail or Gmail

5. It doesn't matter how good or bad you are (If your melody is out of beat, I will make it in beat, If your sound design is horrid, I will make it not horrid)



I'm gonna start making a signature to put at the end of my posts.


First Remix

2017-05-18 11:29:49 by Jupitrean

Yay, I made my first remix.

I have no valid argument for me posting this. I'm in class with a chromebook and i'm bored.

All I can say is that the lyrics didn't line up very well with the drums. It's spongebob for god sake.



2017-05-08 18:10:07 by Jupitrean

Impact took more effort and time than I originally expected.

Yeah... compare this image to the image of my most positive-rated song before Impact, Exodus.

This is Impact:6324019_149428128691_impactpic.pngAnd this is Exodus:6324019_149428136953_ExodusPic.pngCan you see a big difference? I SURE CAN.

April Recap

2017-05-05 11:54:33 by Jupitrean

Thanks for a great first month.

April went pretty well for me. I know I'm a bit late to make this post, but I'm at school right now and I'm not suposed to be on NG. Whatever. Here we go.

Favorite song from me: Wavesplitter. This might be suprising because many didn't like that song, but I liked it. It was intense enough for my liking, and had a cool disc image ;)

Least favorite song from me: Ultra Violet. Yes, not even 2-2-5-2. This song was horrid; the weird transition from the first "drop" to the first "melody", the horibble repitition, ugh. Sure, it was my first song on FL Studio for PC, but whatever. It's still bad.

The only thing bad about April was the fact that Xtrullor didn't upload a song this month.

Even with that being said, April was great.


2017-04-29 10:36:08 by Jupitrean

"Hmm. This song seems a bit short. I might add a few more things to take up time."

Some time later...

"Wow. Six Minutes."6324019_149347655173_ExodusPic.png

It's my Birthday.

2017-04-26 16:54:41 by Jupitrean

What better way to wrap up this great month than to have my birthday?

Yeah nothing much else I can say. Other than my chinese class sang happy birthday to me.



2017-04-25 19:07:15 by Jupitrean

I just uploaded The Future and found out that it was only about one minute and thirty seconds long.

I changed the audio file, dont worry.

But sometimes it takes a while for changes to kick in. Whatever, most of you probably don't care.

Behind The Scenes

2017-04-23 11:28:05 by Jupitrean

Here's a screenshot from my latest song, Wavesplitter:6324019_149296118322_ScreenShot2.png

And here's also a screenshot from my other song, Caffeine:6324019_149296123561_Screenshot.pngQuite simple, but I dont really care.


2017-04-18 21:13:53 by Jupitrean

So I uploaded Retro Kraken about 2, maybe 3 hours ago.

"135 plays, 5 downloads"

WHOAH! I've never gotten numbers that big before, much less only 2 or 3 hours. You guys are killing it! :D

I got scouted!

2017-04-18 20:25:27 by Jupitrean


Well, this is old news, I forgot to post about this when it happened.

So, when I had only 3 or 4 songs, I get scouted. (Tell me if that is alot to get scouted)

I tried looking into my messages to get the name of who scouted me, but I could'nt find it. (I think it might be something around the lines of TheLadderMan or something like that. I could be wrong)

But, if you are seeing this, thank you. :)

EDIT: His name is ClimbLadders. special thanks to him.