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I'm Free for Collabs!

2017-05-21 12:07:24 by Jupitrean

I'm free for collabs! (READ THE TITLE)

Here are the rules/info:


2. You will create the melody and base of the song, I will touch up the peice and add some effects

3. I really don't care who gets the song on their account, I already have way too much

4. You will send me the Fruity Loops project file either through Newgrounds mail or Gmail

5. It doesn't matter how good or bad you are (If your melody is out of beat, I will make it in beat, If your sound design is horrid, I will make it not horrid)



I'm gonna start making a signature to put at the end of my posts.



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2017-05-21 12:22:11

When you say sound design, what do you mean? I'm no sound designer so I don't really know; all I have are the musical and mixing knowledge.

Jupitrean responds:

I'm saying quality of growl (in dubstep) but if we're talking regular dance music, then it would be quality of configurations in plugins like Harmless, Toxic Biohazard, etc.