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I make EDM, specifically Dubstep, Melodic Dubstep, Riddim, DnB, and Drumstep.

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Jupitrean's News

Posted by Jupitrean - 4 days ago

I'm back after a very long break...

Shortly after "Serum" was released, I made a tropical house/bass house track. I released it on my soundcloud (please follow my soundcloud it's dead asf over there https://soundcloud.com/user-428783925) and I said it would be released the same week. I never released it because of pure unadulterated laziness. (As I uploaded "Endurance" I tried to upload that one here, but the file wasn't in my drive. If you don't know I have to use my dad's pc to upload songs to NG because my own laptop is horrible and can only upload to soundcloud) So then, a few months later, I made a riddim track named "Void". I didn't upload it to SC or NG because of laziness, but I uploaded it to SC today, months later it was finished. Same deal though, It wasn't in my drive and I already packed up all of my stuff so it'll come to NG in a bit (for real) It's a real long story. But the one track I DID manage to upload here is "Endurance" a melodic dubstep track that is better than any other track I've ever produced.

Hope you enjoy my new song(s)!

Posted by Jupitrean - April 14th, 2019

I already posted it on my SoundCloud because my PC can't post on NG for some reason

So I use my dad's to post on NG lmao

But it's gonna release here this week :]


Posted by Jupitrean - March 18th, 2019

Reason being I just got serum and only want to make heavy dubstep for a while.

I'll get to it in a bit.


Posted by Jupitrean - March 15th, 2019

I put an Instagram up.


Also I got Serum. So I stopped doing 3xOsc basses lol

Posted by Jupitrean - March 5th, 2019

Finally I can finish the Falcon EP.

And I'm not going to stop putting guitar amps on my basses. That wasn't the theme of the EP lol

Falcon EP is probably gonna have another melodic dubstep track and a chill trap beat. stay tuned hehe

Posted by Jupitrean - November 19th, 2018

When I "released' Falcon EP, I actually just made the playlist. The rest of the songs on the EP are coming soon.

With that being said, I'm making another one.6324019_154266839583_222443.png

Posted by Jupitrean - October 20th, 2018

Only tracks that I've accepted as half-decent will be uploaded to my soundcloud. Here's the link: https://soundcloud.com/user-428783925

See you there!


Posted by Jupitrean - September 24th, 2018



Posted by Jupitrean - August 19th, 2018

Special thanks to RoblesK for making me an icon and a banner!

His account: https://roblesk.newgrounds.com/

Also I might not be able to post as much on my account because the computer I make music on can't upload to NG so I'll have to share it on my own drive and post it on a different computer. rip


Posted by Jupitrean - February 10th, 2018


I do not post hip-hop beats on this account (Other than that crappy "Rap to this" track that I made a long time ago). But I have recently become intrested in making them. So I made a seperate account called "Cool-o" https://cool-o.newgrounds.com I already posted a track so feel free to check it out.